23rd October 2019 – Kit Yates: The Maths of Life and Death

Kit Yates will be discussing his brand-new book, “The Maths of Life and Death”, which science journal Nature calls “a dizzying, dazzling, début”.  The talk will look at how the use (or abuse) of mathematics has played a critical role in life-changing events.  

The book covers a broad cast including athletes banned by faulty tests, patients crippled by faulty genes, and the unwitting casualties of mathematical bugs. We will follow stories of investors who lost fortunes and parents who lost children, all because of mathematical misunderstanding. 

Kit will also talk about how maths provides insight on anti-vaccination, medical screening, political referenda, disease prevention and criminal justice.

DOORS: 19:00
START: 19:30
Admission is FREE and there will be a collection during the interval (suggested donation £3-5).
Venue: Smoke and Mirrors

Kit Yates is a Senior Lecturer in Mathematical Biology at the University of Bath. His writings on the joy and importance of maths have appeared in The Guardian, The Times, The Independent and Scientific American. He has over 1.5 million reads on The Conversation.

If you want Kit to sign a copy of “The Maths of Life and Death”, please bring your copy (available to purchase here: https://amzn.to/2MkmdcM). Kit will also have copies available for purchase on the night.

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