26th June 2019 – Colin Davis: Responding to the Climate Emergency – Psychology and (dis)Obedience *DATE CHANGE*

Due to unforeseen circumstances this event has been postponed until the following month. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Bristol City Council declared a Climate Emergency in November 2018. Since then over 50 UK councils have followed suit. But how do individuals respond to this emergency?

What are the psychological forces that allow us to ignore the facts of climate change? The path we are currently on will lead to catastrophe — what makes us carry on regardless? Professor Davis will consider these questions from the perspective of psychological studies of obedience and conformity. He’ll also discuss the power of disobedience, and why he has embraced civil disobedience as part of the Extinction Rebellion campaign.

DOORS: 19:00
START: 19:30
Admission is FREE and there will be a collection during the interval (suggested donation £3-5).
Venue: Smoke and Mirrors

Professor Davis is a researcher in cognitive psychology and chair in cognitive psychology at the University of Bristol, and a member of the Extinction Rebellion campaign.

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