26th September 2018 – Chris Bore: Cherry Picking – Scientific Fraud, Funerals and the Fake Nature of Fact

‘Cherry picking’ is the accusation of selecting data to suit a theory. Dr Chris Bore leads us from a classic school science experiment through accusations of scientific fraud, the inconstancy of physical constants, the challenges facing climate science,  and the progress of science through funerals – to question the myth of scientific method.

A twisted tale of alleged scientific fraud, error and inconstancy that questions the basis of the modern belief that science is the key to truth.

No scientific or mathematical background necessary, but prepare to be shocked at the depths of scientific skulduggery to which scientists can stoop without even thinking about it.

DOORS: 19:00
START: 19:30
Admission is FREE and there will be a collection during the interval (suggested donation £3-5).
Venue: Smoke and Mirrors

Dr Chris Bore is a consultant and trainer in DSP (Digital Signal Processing). Chris is a popular and entertaining speaker at informal science and technology events such as TEDx and Café Scientific, and is local organiser of his home town of Woking’s Café Scientific. Chris is fascinated by the questions that don’t get asked, and firmly believes that real experts know that they don’t know some things. He is deeply interested in learning how to explain complex and subtle things more clearly, and in testing by experiment what may seem obvious from theory.

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