16th November 2016: Homeopathy and Bristol


The last 18 months has seen the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital close its doors, and consultations in Liverpool and the Wirral result in the end of funding for Homeopathic services in those regions. Now, Bristol is one of the last two places in England to offer Homeopathy on the NHS, and it’s time for things to change.

We’ll be looking at how homeopathy is funded through the NHS, how Clinical Commissioning Groups operate, and how, working with the Good Thinking Society, we can put pressure on the CCGs providing it. These NHS bodies in-and-around Bristol that fund homeopathy have previously promised a review, and it’s long overdue. We’ll also be writing letters to local CCGs so if your CCG is either Bristol, Somerset, North Somerset, or South Gloucester, be sure to come down to see what part you can play in ending homeopathy on the NHS. (If you’re not sure which CCG you are in, we’ll be covering all this on the night).

We’ll be starting at 8:30 but unlike our talks, you can come down any time to take part.

Venue: Smoke and Mirrors


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