23rd March 2016: Tim Miles – Beyond a Joke?: Why a Sense of Humour Matters


The children’s author EB White once quipped: ‘Analysing humour is like dissecting a live frog. No one is interested and the frog dies.’  However, ‘humour studies’ has expanded enormously in universities, in the UK and overseas, in recent years. Why are some neuroscientists spending their time tickling rats? How is laughter being used to combat post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychiatric conditions. Are women as funny as men, and why do some people think otherwise? What do the differences between British and American humour (or humor) say about the difference between the two nations? The answers to these, and other questions, will be explored in a talk that should be both amusing and informative.

DOORS: 19:00
START: 19:30
Admission is FREE and there will be a collection during the interval (suggested donation £3-5).
Venue: Smoke and Mirrors

Tim Miles is Reviews Editor of Comedy Studies, and holds a PhD in comedy (yes, honestly). His book on stand-up comedy is due to be published by Routledge in 2016.


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