17th June 2015: Skepticism on YouTube Discussion


In the age of the Internet, skepticism and skeptical outreach have broadened in both the forms of delivery medium, and accessibility of production means. From blogs to podcasts and beyond, it’s easier than ever for people to ingest and create skeptical output. Of all of these mediums, video is arguably the most compelling. YouTube and similar sites seem perfect for this form of skeptical outreach but as with anything, there are pros and cons.

On June 17th, the Bristol Skeptics Society will be hosting a screening of some of the best, funniest, or most popular skeptic videos from across the web and TV , including informative videos and funny sketches. Alongside the viewing we’ll be discussing individual videos as well as the very concept of videos as skeptical outreach.

Come down to Smoke and Mirrors bar from 20:30 to join in the discussion and watch some videos on the big screen.

Video submission:

The whole evening will be based around submissions from the audience and anyone who wants to share a skeptical video they think others would like to watch.

You can submit videos by:



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