Skeptics in the Pub Venue Update: Bruce Hood

Over the past couple of years Bristol Skeptics in the Pub has grown from strength to strength, hosting speakers from all over the country and talks on a wide variety of topics, and that doesn’t look to be changing any time soon. In fact February’s talk by Bruce Hood is looking to be one of the biggest Skeptics in the Pub events we’ve ever put on in Bristol! Due to Professor Hood’s popularity, we have decided to move to a bigger venue for the talk. The new venue will be Hamilton House in Stokes Croft.

I want to take a paragraph to thank everyone who has made this possible through their donations of time and money at previous events. The funds raised at Skeptics in the Pub events go towards room and kit hire where applicable, as well as speakers’ travel, accommodation, and other expenses; everyone who gets involved in the organisation does so voluntarily and there are no paid staff. Bristol Skeptics in the Pub runs solely on your donations and without the money raised at these events, we wouldn’t be able to run monthly talks, we wouldn’t be able to invite such prominent speakers to those events, and we certainly wouldn’t be able to upgrade our venue like this, which would leave a lot of people who couldn’t get in disappointed.

We purposefully run our events in a free-to-enter donation-based way because it is important that they remain accessible to everyone, and February’s talk will be no exception; just because we’ve changed venue doesn’t mean we’ll start charging for entry! There will, as always, be an opportunity to donate and I urge you to please give whatever you can afford – without your support Bristol Skeptics in the Pub can’t happen.

This month’s talk by Bristol University’s Bruce Hood will be held in Hamilton House’s 5th floor conference room above the Canteen bar. Those who have been attending Bristol Skeptics Society events for a while may remember the last time we held an event there: Andy Lewis of Quackometer fame. This is a temporary move and the plan is to be back in Smoke and Mirrors for Jim Dunwell in March.

This change of venue gives us more than double the capacity of our regular events but I would still recommend getting there as early as you can in order to makes sure you get a good seat. Doors will open at 19:00, with a prompt start at 19:30. The Q&A will aim to finish at the regular time of 22:00, after which we’ll be moving down to the Canteen bar below.

Also at the event will be a limited supply of Professor Hood’s books for sale that he will be happy to sign; The Self Illusion and The Domesticated Brain. Books will be available on a first-come-first-served basis.


The Self Illusion (2012)


The Domesticated Brain (2014)

Full Details of the event can be found either through the Facebook group, or the Skeptics in the Pub .org site. See you on the 25th

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